28 November, 2017

Turtle Beach Grip 500 Mouse Not Working

A random error was driving me nuts: single clicks returned double clicks randomly. I had to change to an old non-gamer mouse, and everything was fine.

Warning: don't buy the Turtle Beach Grip 500 Mouse!

04 November, 2017

WordPress crash after theme update [solved]

After an update multimusen.dk became extremely slow, there was an error message. After some time I decided to do a table repair in PhpMyAdmin. So: problem solved.

26 October, 2017

Ubuntu 17.10 - how about screenshots? [Solved]

Well, just click the prnt scrn button. The screenshot is saved in Pictures! Easy, if you  know it ...

PhpMyAdmin - cannot run after Ubuntu 17.10 update [solved]

So far I'm not able to install the Ubuntu package from the repo. Solution:
  1. Download the binaries from the PhpMyAdmin website.
  2. Edit the file config.inc.php:
    1. Add a salt word (32 chars)
    2. Enable whatever features you want
I could not use the old phpmyadmin/ directory. Renamed and chowned to www-data. 

Had some problems with the foreign key bookmarks. This guide did the trick: http://foundationphp.com/tutorials/pma_config.php

Et voila.

25 October, 2017

Ubuntu 17.10

Just updated to Ubuntu 17.10. The new desktop seems ok, as far as I'm concerned. However there were a freeze or two on the desktop. So the distro is not totally stable yet.

Phpmyadmin and Adminer did not work. Tried to downgrade PHP. No luck. Tried to install via apt several times. Dropped it and went for a manual install. Now Adminer is up and running. I guess that Phpmyadmin will get the same treatment. The binaries are downloaded. So it's probably just a matter of a manual install.

Apart from that everything seems to work. The system feels a little bit faster. Perhaps the new Gnome-based desktop isn't as heavy as Unity. Perhaps a Gnome tweak tool will solve my lust for tampering with the system.

28 September, 2017

New book: WordPress in the Classroom

Frontpage: "WordPress in the Classroom" (2017)

Today we launch my new book about WordPress. Free download here: http://goo.gl/TXwmcF

The book is in two parts. In the first part I follow the developers working on the theme Twenty Seventeen. How do the open source developer organize the enigne behind 27% of all websites.

In the second part you can learn to build or tweak a theme. Towards the end you'll find introductions to REST API and the WP_CLI.

14 September, 2017

Linux: Skyprint up and running

So the work printers are up and running via Skyprint. I had to download the drivers from Konica Minolta. Found them via Google. There are two files in the folder. After some test prints I found that the top one was best.

Now I can print at home via the terminal or from whatever GUI I choose.


10 September, 2017

Easy Info Screen for Raspberry PI

Idea for an info screen on a Raspberry Pi or similar

  1. Install a LAMP server.
  2. Create slides in HTML (nodejs and even pandoc has several nice features). Make a slideshow that'll roll to the next slide all by itself.
  3. Install the chromium browser.
  4. Start the browser in kiosk mode.

How to run Chromium in kiosk mode

Let the browser run in kioskmode. Point the browser to your slideshow:

# chromium-browser --kiosk http://localhost/mySlides/

29 August, 2017

Philips Hue API

Experiments with the Philips Hue API. It's possible to control the lights in multiple ways. The json body is easy to understand. The color system is a challenge. How do you get a color picker for it? We'll see.

26 August, 2017

Koala GUI won't run on Ubuntu

Here is the recipe. And the solution is:

cd /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ or cd /usr/lib/
cd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ or cd /usr/lib64/

sudo ln -s libudev.so.1 libudev.so.0